South Coast Masonry is made up of true masons, specialized in classic masonry techniques and materials.  You can be assured that you are dealing with professional masonry contractors, not landscapers or pool installers who also offer add-on masonry services.

Owner Derek Pacheco has been working as a professional masonry contractor for nearly fifteen years, with years of experience in both residential masonry services as well as commercial.

Masons serving Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Located in Westport, Massachusetts, South Coast Masonry is a masonry contractor that has been serving Southeastern Massachusetts since the year 2000. South Coast Masonry specializes in new masonry work, rehabilitation and repair of existing work as well as the delicate work of historical masonry restoration.

South Coast Masonry can build patios, chimneys, stone walls or any other type of hardscaping to suit your residential or commercial property needs.

Enjoy the solid look of masonry

South Coast Masonry is a premier contractor that can build a new masonry project, restore or rebuild an existing structure or provide historical masonry restoration work. Masonry work is not only aesthetically pleasing but, has tremendous durability and will add value to your property. Masonry is a classic look that will stand the test of time.

Choose the masonry materials to best fit your design

South Coast Masonry offers a wide variety of masonry materials to choose from to complete, renovate or restore your hardscaping structure. We will use brick, natural stone, pavers and concrete to create your project, repair or renovate your hardscaping feature or refurbish a historical building. There are many types of traditional masonry materials that are available in different colors and shapes and at SouthCoast Masonry, our expert team of designers and masons will work with you, the client, to find the best material for your residential or commercial project.